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Newsletter September 2003


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Contact details

Ty Bro Dyfi

Y Plas,
Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8ER, UK.
phone: 01654 703965

Become a member of ecodyfi We want everybody in the Valley to join, so it only costs £1. Drop into Ty Bro Dyfi or send some stamps.

The information centre is open Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 3.00. You might even like to get involved in staffing it or in helping to run a project. Please come and see us!

Find us


If you haven't heard from us for a long time I'm really sorry. We've got better at telling the community as a whole what we're up to (through newspapers and our website) and communication within Working Groups works, but we're not in regular contact with some of our members. This has got to change!

Andy Rowland, Manager

Here are some events for you:


Business Women's Support Evening

Tuesday September 23rd; 6pm - 9.30 at Celtica, Machynlleth

Booking essential: Chwarae Teg 01597 826421.


What local horticulture?

Wednesday September 24th; 7.30 at Ty Bro Ddyfi

We want good quality fresh vegetables but we and the environment are both paying for their transportation. Let s grow them here and keep that money working locally!

This meeting is for potential growers. What stops commercial horticulture? How we can reduce those barriers? A speaker from Glasu will talk about Community Supported Agriculture.

Strategies for waste minimisation in the Dyfi Valley

Monday September 29th; 7.30pm at The White Lion Machynlleth

Since January Tom O'Kane has been working on waste minimisation with ecodyfi. Alongside him, Kestrel Maranta has been developing her proposal for a Kerbside collection of kitchen waste from households in Machynlleth. We are hoping to create jobs and training opportunities as well as reducing the amount of material going to landfill sites.

We are calling a meeting to inform you of the progress of these projects, to seek guidance on our future work and how it should fit with other initiatives and to offer opportunities for involvement. We shall invite you to explore the following points;

  • What are the key areas of waste in the valley?

  • What waste minimisation work is presently being carried out - by whom?

  • What is ecodyfi doing?

  • How do you think waste minimisation work could develop?


Why no Broadband?

Tuesday September 30th; 6pm at the White Lion, Machynlleth

One of a series of planning meetings to get high speed and 'always-on' internet access to the Dyfi valley. See prbroadband.htm.


Community Safety

Wednesday October 1st; 7.30 pm at Machynlleth High School

An open meeting of the Local Forum. Speakers from the police and from Powys Community Safety Partnership.

The Forum is a way for the community to tell the public authorities what their priorities should be for our area. It works alongside ecodyfi, Town and Community Councils and Communities First to develop an action plan for the valley. Ecodyfi provides the Secretariat for it. Come and get involved!


Activities for children

Saturday October 11th: 2 - 4 pm at the Plas grounds

Gwerin y Coed event open to all and aimed mainly at 7 to 16 year olds with a parent or carer.


Lifelong Learning

Wednesday October 15th; 7.30 pm at the Community Centre, Cemmaes Road

An open meeting of the Local Forum. Speakers from Powys Training and Powys County Council.


You don't have to come to meetings!

Tell us if you'd rather offer practical help, like distributing leaflets, moving plastic bottles around or helping in the Information Centre. Express interest in a specific topic and we'll try to keep you in touch!

Work opportunity: surveys

The Dyfi Valley is a subject of research: What makes some communities sustainable? (so far as energy is concerned). Contact us now if you would like to carry out street interviews starting 25th September. Payment available.


One way to keep in touch is to look at the News Projects and Local sections of our website. Bookmark it now! It's full of travel, weather and other local information as well.

Use the free computers at Machynlleth Library if you haven't got one at home. And Barbara at the Telecentre (above the Council office at 20 Maengwyn Street - tel: 01654 703911) would be delighted to show you how to do it.

Communication should be two-way, of course. Please give us your suggestions! And it should be open - would you use a discussion forum or Bulletin Board on the website?

If you've had this through the post and would be happy with an electronic version, please do give us your email address.

Work in Talybont

The Community Council and ecodyfi are assessing demand for workshops or offices in Talybont. Come to:

'Developing a business'

Monday September 29th; 12 - 6pm at Talybont Village Hall.

An open event to meet the consultants, discuss possibilities and access business services.

'Does the community want more work spaces in Talybont?'

Monday September 29th; 6.30 - 8pm at Talybont Village Hall

Public meeting to see some ideas.

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