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press release28/1/2008

Community hospital works in partnership to give the best ante-natal care.

yoga and ante-natal care

free pregnancy yoga exercise course

Bro Ddyfi Community Hospital, the Mentro Allan Bro Ddyfi project led by ecodyfi, and community group Yoga i Bawb are working together to bring a programme of activities to pre- and post natal women in the Bro Ddyfi area.

Starting on February 1 from 10-11.30 at the hospital, and then weekly for six weeks, new mums and mums-to-be will be given the opportunity to enjoy pregnancy yoga and a buggy walk, with informal information sessions about health, careers and benefits etc.

All of the activities are absolutely free! And a free crèche is planned too.

The programme is being organised by Teresa Walters of community regeneration company ecodyfi, as part of the Mentro Allan Bro Ddyfi health research project, which aims to get people outside enjoying the natural environment.

Teresa explains "We're offering yoga to those who wouldn't normally try it - plus the chance to be active outdoors - and we'll be asking the women what they thought of it so that we can tell others.

As well as getting them active, we hope the sessions will help the women develop relaxation techniques and improve their experience of pregnancy - and will be providing information about issues that are of interest to the group.

Midwife Sara McAleese added "Evidence shows yoga and other forms of gentle exercise will have health benefits for most people during pregnancy - as at any time of life." Sessions will be at complete beginner level and there is no need for anyone to be put off if they haven't exercised for a while.

The yoga teacher, Katy Tuxworth, from Yogi i Bawb, is specially trained to work with pregnant women and the walk will be very gentle.

Project workers and the midwifery staff at Bro Ddyfi Community Hospital expect the programme to be very popular.

"Of course, booking is essential" explains Teresa, "especially for the creche - which we won't be able to confirm yet; but I'm happy to keep names on a waiting list." Anyone wishing to join can contact her on 01654 703965.

Yoga I Bawb

Yoga I Bawb is a community group set up to promote yoga as an activity to help support the fitness and well being of the community.

It works with other voluntary sector and community groups to organise and run courses for people who are vulnerable, who would particularly benefit from yoga and who are unlike to attend a general public class.

Our clients to date have included carers, the elderly, children, people with mental health problems, the long term unemployed, the employed during work hours and people recovering from addiction.

Yoga I Bawb is made up of yoga teachers and students who are also active in the community.

It includes three welsh speakers and two welsh learners.


Yoga is a holistic exercise which includes physical exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Yoga can be modified to suit different age groups, and differing physical and mental needs.

There is increasing evidence that yoga has many therapeutic benefits which is making it more and more popular with the general public and medical practitioners alike.

Katy Tuxworth 07747505970

Katy trained with Sitaram Partnership in London, with Uma Dinsmore Tuli who has written a book, Mother's Breath, which examines helpful breathing techniques to use during different stages of labour and pregnancy.

Katy's mum is a trained midwife and Doula.

Notes for editors:

Mentro Allan is a collection of projects in Wales supported by the Big Lottery Fund and a national partnership.

The programme targets specific groups that are generally less active than the wider population.

Each of the projects will be funded for four years to increase the physical activity levels of its target group, making best use of the local natural outdoor environment close to where people live.

The programme will collect evidence on the effectiveness of specific interventions designed to increase people’s levels of health-benefiting physical activity.

The Bro Ddyfi Mentro Allan programme will encourage individuals in the Dyfi Valley to increase their levels of physical activity, using a variety of settings in the outdoor natural environment, while researching what worked to make this change and why.

Our main target group is the broad population who experience rural isolation and who live sedentary lives.

We are particularly concerned with individuals suffering from loneliness and social exclusion as a result of poor access to services and a dispersed population pattern, though activities will be open to all residents.

Our next target groups are: parents of young children, especially young parents; 11-18 years olds, especially those at risk of social exclusion; people with mental health issues, especially those not in regular contact with support groups and services.

We will target residents of the Machynlleth, Cadfarch, Glantwymyn and Llanbrynmair areas, but residents from other parts of the valley will be welcome to join in.