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press release14/11/2005

In response to mounting public pressure and uncertainty about Celtica and the future of the Plas building, the Machynlleth & District Community Forum will be holding a public forum at Ysgol Bro Ddyfi on Tuesday December 6th to explore possibilities for the future.

The owners (Powys County Council) have decided to close Celtica in the early Spring - unless another body puts forward realistic proposals by Christmas to develop the attraction.

The Council is keen to see the building used for the good of the community and is inviting expressions of interest in alternative uses for the building, should the Celtica closure be confirmed.

This meeting is intended to be the first step in a process of public consultation and debate, which may in time lead to the community putting forward concrete proposals to Powys County Council.

Commencing at 7.45 pm, it will be introduced by Andy Rowland of the Local Community Forum, and chaired by Meinir Wyn Jones, former Headmistress of Dinas Mawddwy School.

The meeting will take place in both English and Welsh, and simultaneous translation facilities will be provided.

The meeting will review the current situation briefly before moving on to consider the future.

A small number of invited speakers will put forward their views on activities that could be housed at the venue.

Time will be put aside for questions to the speakers, and the meeting then thrown open to contributions from the meeting as a whole.

The organisers want to stress that this first meeting is intended simply to open the process of discussion and debate about the future and that it should not dwell on the past.

All ideas that contribute to a new beginning are welcome, and all those wishing to take part in the development of plans are invited to do so.

They also point out that the Plas is a big building, and that different possible uses need not be mutually exclusive.

All sorts of exciting developments, including some of the existing activities, could take place under the same roof.

People with ideas who are unable to attend should contact Andy Rowland on 01654 703965 or Meic Llewellyn at

Further information:

Andy Rowland, Chair of Machynlleth & District Local Community Forum 01654 703965

Meic Llewellyn, Voluntary Arts Wales 01650 511778

Machynlleth & District Local Community Forum works alongside the Bro Ddyfi Communities First Partnership in developing the Bro Ddyfi Action Plan.

This summarises what the community thinks is important for the future and connects local people with those responsible for providing resources and services.

The Forum was established as part of the Powys Community Strategy process and is administered by regeneration group ecodyfi.

The elected Chair is Andy Rowland.