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press release8/3/2007

There has been a dramatic development in Penegoes' campaign to have a Safe Route built between the village and Machynlleth.

Still from Safe route to Penegoes video showing lorry about to run down woman in wheelchairThe Assembly Government, Powys County Council and the Highways Agency have issued a joint statement agreeing that the route needs to be built and that the Assembly Government are now prepared to fund it. This is the first time the three agencies have met and agreed a policy together on this issue and is a major breakthrough for the campaign. There is no timetable as yet but detailed drawings and talks with landowners will begin shortly.

The announcement was made by Cllr Gwilym Fychan at the launch of the campaign video (see still, right) made by village residents. The Film Premier night, hosted by Dolguog Hotel, was attended by villagers, supporters from Machynlleth, county and town councilors, ecodyfi staff and Mick Bates AM.

After the film Gwilym Fychan gave a campaign update and explained how positive the Assembly, the Council and the Highways Agency were. Mick Bates also spoke words of praise and encouragement to the village and the campaigners.

The video - "The Dangerous Green Mile" - shows the efforts of the villagers to highlight their cause and the desperate need for a Safe Route. There are dozens of interviews with local people as well as local, regional and national politicians, alongside beautiful footage of the village and surrounding area. The short film was enjoyed by everyone at the Premier Night last Friday. It has been praised by both members of the council and the Assembly.

Fideo i Bawb provided support and training so that the villagers could make the video themselves. For everyone involved it has been an education and pleasure. Working in a team with other residents has given many people the chance to train for something new and to get to know each other better.

The evening carried on with a St Davids Day celebration, with music and singing from Hywel Humphreys. The event was supported by Penegoes Active Community and Clwb Crewi and sponsored by local businesses Dolguog Hotel, tincan and Warren Parc with money raised going to Clwb Crewi and Welsh Air Ambulance.

Penegoes Active Community would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved and given their support to the campaign. The campaign will continue until the tarmac is laid.

Further information:

Email Geraldine Purser

The 3min preview has been on YouTube since December 2006 and has been viewed more than 1000 times. The full 12min bilingual version is also on YouTube: