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Youngsters get their skate ramp at last!


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press release29/07/2010

Youngsters get their skate ramp at last!

Young people in Machynlleth are celebrating the arrival of the skate and bike ramp they’ve been wanting in the Plas grounds for years.

Thanks to funds inherited from the former Teenzone committee and a Community Renewal Grant from PAVO, young people in Machynlleth now have a facility to get active and enjoy skating and biking in a safe space.

Young local cyclists couldn’t wait to try out the new ramp and say they will enjoy using it over the holidays and after school next year. “It’s exactly what we need - much better than the ramps we tried to build”, said one young cyclist. “I can’t wait to learn some new tricks - this will keep me busy all summer, much better than being indoors!” said another user of the new ramp.

Area youth worker Cathy Evans said, “This is great news for the young people of Machynlleth. Now the skate park can be used for what it was intended, and I hope more and more young people make good use of it in the future.”

The ramp was designed following consultations with local young people, to make sure it met their needs and abilities. Many of them said they enjoyed riding their bikes and had been creating temporary ramps from bits of woods in some nearby trees. This ramp provides a facility in a safer place, away from the main footpaths but still visible from the main paths and is made from (reportedly!) indestructable steel and zinc.

Town and county councillor (and Mentro Allan committee member) Cllr Michael Williams said, “I’m delighted with the excellent work carried out by the Mentro Allan project and ecodyfi, and others of a like spirit such as Communities First. From what I’ve been told by the young people they are delighted by the ramp, and the new signage for the Machynlleth 700 footpath in that area is also excellent to see. If it is possible in the long term future it would be nice to have more equipment in that area.”

The project has been funded by a donation of £2500 from the former Teenzone committee and money from the Community Renewal Grant Scheme. This came through the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-13, which is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. There was also money from the Mentro Allan project, supported by the Big Lottery Fund. The ramp was supplied by specialist equipment company Highline Extreme.

For more information on Mentro Allan activities, please contact Jo Cooper, Mentro Allan Co-ordinator at ecodyfi, 01654 703965 or our website

Bikers on day 1

Pictured are local young cyclists Jake Hinge, Jack Culley, George and Douglas Horne, Sean Davies and George and Harry Cottam, just after the ramp was completed.

Notes for editors:

Mentro Allan:

Mentro Allan is a collection of projects in Wales supported by the Big Lottery Fund and a national partnership. The programme targets specific groups that are generally less active than the wider population. Each of the projects is funded for four years to increase the physical activity levels of its target group, making best use of the local natural outdoor environment close to where people live. The programme collects evidence on the effectiveness of specific interventions designed to increase people’s levels of health-benefiting physical activity.

The Bro Ddyfi Mentro Allan programme is engaging individuals in the Dyfi Valley community to increase levels of their physical activity, using a variety of settings in the outdoor natural environment. Our main target group is the broad population who experience rural isolation and who live sedentary lives. We are particularly concerned with individuals suffering from loneliness and social exclusion as a result of poor access to services and a dispersed population pattern, though activities are open to all residents.

Our sub-target groups are: parents of young children, especially young parents; 11-18 year olds, especially those at risk of social exclusion; people with mental health issues, especially those not in regular contact with support groups and services. We target residents of the Machynlleth, Cadfarch, Glantwymyn and Llanbrynmair areas, but residents from other parts of the valley will be welcome to join in. Ecodyfi is the lead body and other partners include: Community Action Machynlleth And District; Coed Lleol; US Mach; Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin, Sir Trefaldwyn; Play Montgomeryshire; NPHS Inequalities in Health project; Bro Ddyfi Communities First; Powys County Council; Tir Coed; NCH Sure Start; PAVO.

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Ecodyfi is the local regeneration organisation for the Dyfi Valley.