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press release27/10/2006

Community leaders are getting together to decide the top investment priorities for the Dyfi Valley and have thrown the doors open to local residents who wish to attend.

The Bro Ddyfi Communities First Partnership, which also acts as the core group for the Machynlleth and District Local Community Forum (LCF), has invited Town and Community Councillors to an event at Machynlleth Bowling Club on the 9th of November 2006, starting at 7.00pm.

Speakers will explain the several partnership initiatives in the Bro Ddyfi area, including the Communities First / LCF Local Action Plan and the draft Regeneration Plan. These bring together many issues and proposals that have been raised by local people during a lengthy period of consultation.

Some of the proposed actions have been taken on by local organisations such as ecodyfi, some are being pursued by bodies such as Tourism Partnership Mid Wales and others still need to be fought for.

Now the local community is being challenged to identify which 5 or 6 proposals are the most important to its future.

These will be fed into the settlement policy of the Wales Spatial Plan and used to guide domestic and European Community investment by the Welsh Assembly Government and its sponsored bodies.

The Chair of the Local Community Forum explained the significance of this. "I know people get fed up hearing about strategies and plans, but some of them really will make a difference to our lives", he said.

"Consultants have been appointed by the Welsh Assembly Government to identify the characteristics of each Key Settlement and to recommend what investments will allow them to flourish. Organisations in the Dyfi Valley want to be able to tell the consultants what the community needs, so that they get this important piece of work right."

While the organisers’ usual patch is the Powys part of the Dyfi Valley, including Llanbrynmair and Cwmllinau, they are inviting community councillors from Dinas Mawddwy, Corris and Pennal as well, and from Ceredigion as far south as Taliesin. This is because these villages all relate to Machynlleth and because many issues don’t respect county boundaries.

The Co-ordinator of Bro Ddyfi Communities First, Cyril Evans, said that individuals and businesses will be most welcome to join in and that light refreshments will be available.

"Our action plan, called Putting Bro Ddyfi First, identified the economy, affordable housing and transport as the most important issues", he said.

"On the other hand, the future of the High School, the Hospital and the environment are also crucial. As well as potential threats to our well-being, what role and opportunities do we see for our area for the future?"

Further information:

Cyril Evans, Bro Ddyfi Communities First Co-ordinator, 01654 700315

Andy Rowland, ecodyfi Manager 01654 703965

Vanessa Garwood, Powys County Council, 01597 827483

Notes for editors:

Communities First is a flagship Welsh Assembly Government initiative aimed at involving people in improving the quality of their lives in selected parts of Wales. The Bro Ddyfi partnership covers the community council areas of Machynlleth, Cadfarch, Llanbrynmair and Glantwymyn.

Machynlleth & District Local Community Forum works alongside the Bro Ddyfi Communities First Partnership in developing the Bro Ddyfi Action Plan.

This summarises what the community thinks is important for the future and connects local people with those responsible for providing resources and services. The Forum was established as part of the Powys Community Strategy process and is administered by regeneration group ecodyfi.

The elected Chair is Andy Rowland.

The Dyfi Regeneration Plan brings together the agencies and community representatives that are most concerned with economic renewal. It is being led by the Department for Enterprise, Innovation and Networks of the Welsh Assembly Government, assisted by ecodyfi and many other partners in Powys, Ceredigion and Gwynedd.

The Wales Spatial Plan is intended to show how all the Welsh Assembly Government policies will be implemented at a local level. It identifies a number of Key Settlements, each with their inter-dependent hinterland. Machynlleth is identified as being of "local significance".