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New Dyfi Mountain Biking Trails


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press release 15/07/2004

Dyfi Build Begins: Mach Off Road Ltd announces new Dyfi Mountain Biking Trails to open Autumn 2004

Work has begun on the new Dyfi Trails, just north of Machynlleth.

This mountain biking project is creating jobs and will increase the appeal of the area, as well as providing an exciting facility for locals.

Already well known in UK mountain biking circles for the annual Raw Dyfi Enduro event, the Dyfi Forest offers spectacular forest rides.

The completed trails promise the biggest and most exciting way-marked UK rides and the first half - about 20km - will be built this summer.

Roughly half of the full 40 km will be on specially constructed "single track".

Project leaders are Mach Off Road Ltd., the community company behind the successful Mach 1, 2, and 3 mountain bike routes, and the Dyfi Valley regeneration group, ecodyfi.

The Dyfi Trails emerge after years of explorations by local riders seeking the ultimate ride and are unusual in being managed by a community group rather than by the Forestry Commission.

The project is funded by the joint Countryside Council forWalesand Wales Tourist Board regeneration fund called Adfywio, the European Regional Development Fund, the Forestry Commission, and the Raw Dyfi Enduro event committee.

Local businesses have been behind the project all the way.

Many stand to benefit either directly from the increasing numbers of high spending mountain biking visitors staying in local B&B's and bunk barns and using local bike shops, hire and guiding services, or indirectly through catering and retail.

Tegid Humphreys, local mountain bike enthusiast, guide and Reditreks bunkhouse owner, explains what will make the new trails sell: "The epic scale, for starters, rounded off by an astounding 3km descent."

The trails are being built by local contractors, Ecotrails, on Forestry Commission land and are expected to be opened in October.

More information

Please contact:�Teresa Walters, Dyfi Trails Project Officer at ecodyfi, tel. 01654 703965, or Tegid Humphreys, tel. 01654 700411.