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Wood to heat Dinas Mawddwy?


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ecodyfi press release


ecodyfi and Adfywio Mawddwy are developing a proposal to allow householders, businesses and other building users to buy locally produced heat from a village biomass boiler, distributed round Dinas Mawddwy by a small district heating system.

On Wednesday the 13th October there will be a public meeting at 7.30 in Dinas Mawddwy Hall to discuss the idea further.

Last winter the newly-formed regeneration group for the Mawddwy area (Adfywio Mawddwy) asked Mid Wales Energy Agency to explore the potential for a wood-fuelled boiler or combined heat and electricity generating system for Dinas Mawddwy.

They wanted to meet local needs by using local resources and to support forestry, farming and maintenance jobs in doing so.

Buying locally-produced energy keeps the money longer in the local economy. The fuel supply is also likely to be more secure and predictable than in the increasingly expensive world energy market.

The group felt the potential health and environmental benefits were important - there would be less air pollution than from oil or coal and by replacing oil, coal and gas with a 'carbon-neutral' and renewable fuel, the village would become part of the solution for climate change.

The Energy Agency reported that the community could be heated with locally sourced wood-chip, given sufficient public subsidy for the construction.

There is also a possibility that electricity could be generated and sold by the community.

There is still a lot of work to carry out before any project can proceed, including a full feasibility study.

Before this can be undertaken, the group needs to test the level of local support and has enlisted the help of ecodyfi, who have access to funds from the Welsh Development Agency for this purpose.

Adfywio Mawddwy's Secretary Arfon Hughes explained that a questionnaire is being circulated to householders. It seeks opinions about the proposal and asks who might be interested in buying heat from the system.

The initial results will be presented to the public meeting on the 15th so that villagers can decide whether to commission the next study.

They may also decide to visit an existing scheme in Llanwddyn at a later date.

"The fuel is all around us," he said, "so it makes sense to use it for community benefit."

Further information:

Andy Rowland, Manager, ecodyfi. tel: 01654 703965.

Arfon Hughes, Secretary of Adfywio Mawddwy 07979 803547