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press release15/11/2005

Christmas is coming early in Dinas Mawddwy this year! Volunteers and staff of Mid Wales Energy Agency, ecodyfi and Adfywio Mawddwy will be going house to house handing out free low-energy light bulbs next week.

All the householder has to do is answer some simple questions about the structure of the house, the energy they use to heat it and their attitude to community heating.

The initiative aims to reduce people's heating bills by telling them how they can waste less energy.

The light bulbs will help immediately � and other possibilities include putting insulating material round hot water tanks and in loft spaces.

Alexis Williams of the Energy Agency explained that homes will be warmer as a result of these measures.

He will advise people about grants that will make the measures affordable - or even free to some people.

A community wood chip heating scheme has been proposed for Dinas Mawddwy.

The short survey will ask whether people would be interested in buying heat from it once it is built.

This information is needed before the scheme can be designed.

Adfywio Mawddwy Secretary Arfon Hughes explained that the group wants to meet local needs by using local resources and to support forestry, farming and maintenance jobs.

"Buying locally-produced energy keeps the money longer in the local economy", he said.

Anybody who misses out on a visit is welcome to call in at ecodyfi's office in Ty Bro Ddyfi, 52 Maengwyn Street in Machynlleth for their light bulbs or call Alexis or David Goodship on 01654 703064 for information.

Further information:

  • Alexis Williams, Mid Wales Energy Agency 01654 703064

  • Andy Rowland, ecodyfi Manager 01654 703965

  • Arfon Hughes, Secretary of Adfywio Mawddwy 07979 803547

  • Adfywio Mawddwy is the independent community group working to revitalise the villages of Aberangell, Mallwyd, Dinas Mawddwy and Llanymawddwy.