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Quarry café and shop win awards


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The Quarry Wholefood Shop & Café in Machynlleth set up by The Centre for Alternative Technology has won an award from the Food Standards Agency Wales under its 2003/2004 AFAL (Awards for Food Action Locally) award scheme.

The Award, launched in November last year, is a scheme to recognise individual or team contributions to local nutrition initiatives that have made a positive impact on the diet or eating habits in the communities they serve.

The Quarry café provides healthy food (much sourced from local producers) to both the local community and tourists.

It also has links with a local primary school providing cookery demonstrations and supporting their healthy lunchbox campaign.

It acts as drop-off point for the local vegetable box scheme, and has produced a couple of healthy eating cookery booklets.

This Award was in the category 'Initiatives to Promote/Facilitate Access and Availability'.

Representatives received �2000 for investment into the initiative, a celebratory fruit bowl and a certificate.

The Award was received by Annie Lowmass and Amanda Green from the Quarry Shop & Café.

Annie said "It was particularly nice to receive the award this year as it is our 25th anniversary. It is gratifying to have our work promoting healthy eating and organic, local food recognised."

Professor Robert Pickard, Director General of the British Nutrition Foundation, member of the Welsh Food Advisory Committee for FSA Wales and a member of the judging panel commented, "There has been a high level of interest in the AFAL awards, with over 70 entries. All were of a high calibre, and made the judging a difficult process. These winners each demonstrated how hard work, commitment and enthusiasm has helped to promote better diets in their community. We are committed to running the AFAL awards again and will announce details for the 2004/5 awards later in the year."

The AFAL Awards are open to all individuals or organisations responsible for initiating and directing activities or events in Wales that are aimed at improving the diet of their local community.

This includes key players across all sectors - the National Public Health Service, Local Health Boards, the education sector, community and voluntary workers, Local Authorities, retailers and food producers all of whom are working to make an impact at the community level.

There are five Award categories, which correspond to the various strands of the Nutrition Strategy for Wales - outlined in the 'Food and Well Being' document published in February 2003 which identifies the actions required by key players to improve the diet of people in Wales. The categories are:

  • Initiatives to inform/educate the community

  • Initiatives to promote/facilitate access and availability

  • Initiatives to manage overweight and obesity

  • Initiatives that demonstrate multi agency working

  • Initiatives that are innovative in their approach.