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press release23/07/2009

Partners drive Book-a-Bus

Community organisations in the Dyfi Valley have got together to tell people how they can get around without a car. The innovative Book-a-Bus service that links villages such as Aberhosan and Llanwrin with Machynlleth has been one focus of attention.

Residents of Machynlleth are being given a free copy of a special edition of the Dyfi Travel Guide through their letterboxes. Ecodyfi produces this handy Guide twice a year with funding from the regional transport consortium TraCC, and it’s always popular with visitors as well as locals. Communities First has chipped in extra funds to allow the extra print and delivery, and local marketing firm Timeline have turned the page of Top Travel Tips into a beginner’s guide to car-free travel.

Copies are available at the Library and Station and computer savvy people can download it from

Welsh Assembly Government funding has also allowed Communities First to produce and deliver a leaflet explaining how to use the valley’s two special “demand responsive” Book-a-Bus services. These have a published timetable, but only run if somebody requests a specific service at least two hours in advance, by ringing Lloyd’s Coaches on 01654 702100. This avoids wasting money by running empty buses, which make it possible for Powys County Council to offer these services.

Ecodyfi’s Andy Rowland explained that the services have proved to be a life line for many village residents.
“Poor access to services was one of the main reasons why the locality was designated as a Communities First area,” he said. “The taxi services are very good, but expensive for people on low incomes wanting to get to shops or just to have a social life. The community transport services are also brilliant, but are not available to everybody.”

The operator, Wyn Lloyd, said,
“It’s great that we’re offering services to places like Darowen and that the fares are at ordinary bus rates. It’s taking a while for people to get used to the booking system and I’m very pleased that this very specific information is going out to help them”.

The leaflets have been delivered door to door, with a durable credit card sized timetable attached. These show only the times relevant to that village, so they are a handy size to carry around. Copies can be obtained from Ty Bro Ddyfi at 52 Maengwyn Street in Machynlleth, from Communities First’s Brynygog office, or by ringing 01654 700315.

They are also available at the series of road shows and stalls promoting public and community transport in Machynlleth. Gerwyn Jones, Rail Development Officer for the Cambrian Rail Partnership, has spent a lot of time at these on market days telling people about buses as well as trains, demonstrating the partnership working encouraged by Communities First.

Further information:
Andy Rowland, ecodyfi Manager: 01654 703965
Cyril Evans, Coordinator of Bro Ddyfi Communities First 01654 700315
Wyn Lloyd of Lloyds Coaches, service provider 01654 702100

Notes for editors:

The ‘Book a Bus’ T36 serves Llanwrin, Cemmaes Road and Dinas Mawddwy and the T37 connects Forge, Penegoes and Abercegir, Darowen and Melinbyrhedyn with Machynlleth.

Ecodyfi is the local regeneration organisation for the Dyfi Valley.