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press release 26/7/2007

A large chunk of Amazonian rainforest comes to the Dyfi Valley on the 9th August. Or at least, the government official responsible for it does.

Venezuelan tree frogCesar Aponte from the Venezuelan Ministry of the Environment is giving an illustrated talk at the Tabernacl in Machynlleth, starting at 7.30 pm.

The meeting is hosted by the Dyfi Biosphere Partnership.

At first sight, the environment and people of the Dyfi Valley are very different from Venezuela. But both are registered by UNESCO as Biosphere areas. Both are members of this UN network that explores how people can benefit from protecting their environment and heritage.

Cesar will offer a view into the rainforest that connects with the people that depend on it and with the power relationships and policies that influence its future.

As the Dyfi Biosphere Partnership prepares its bid to re-register the Dyfi with UNESCO, based on an enlarged area and a renewed vision, what will the local community be able to learn from their visitor?

The Partnership's Delyth Richards explained that there would be time for discussion at the event. "We hope Cesar will bring the Amazon to life with his pictures and stories", she said, "And that people who haven't got involved in the Dyfi Biosphere yet will enjoy this free event".

Andy Rowland of ecodyfi will also show a few pictures of the Dyfi Valley, to illustrate the interest the Biosphere process has in local heritage, environment and economy.

Cesar Aponte will also participate in a workshop on Friday 10th August at the Tabernacl entitled Oil, Equity and Biospheres. This is being organised by the El Sueño Existe festval and the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Further information:

  • Andy Rowland, ecodyfi Manager 01654 703965

  • Keith Jackson, El Sueño Existe 01654 703736