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press release25/03/2011

Community action

Ecodyfi has been asked by the Cambrian Mountains Initiative (CMI) to help produce an “action planning” document. The document will describe what people are doing to improve the quality and sustainability of life in their communities. It will also flag up ideas they have for further action - things we can do ourselves at a village or local scale, even if some outside help would be needed.

Our document will be for the area covered by the UNESCO Dyfi Biosphere area, all of which happens to fall within the Cambrian Mountains area of interest. It will be added to the action plans of other parts of the Cambrian Mountains, so that people can see the whole picture.

It will be available to the community. You might find that other people already have experience of doing what you have in mind, and that you can learn from them. Or that you can get things done more effectively if you team up with others.

It will also help the CMI, the Dyfi Biosphere, local authorities and others understand what people want to do and how they can be helped. This might include pointing you to potential sources of funds, for example one of the European-funded Rural Development Plan programmes, or the separate Sustainable Development Funds managed by the CMI and the Snowdonia National Park Authority (“CAE”).

You are invited to tell ecodyfi at Y Plas, Machynlleth SY20 8ER or by about any relevant activities or proposals. Don’t spend time writing a lot of detail, and if it’s easier for you to send a document you already have, that’s fine.

Further information:

Andy Rowland, ecodyfi Manager 01654 703965

Editor’s note:

The CMI is an integrated, sustainable development initiative that seeks to build a prosperous economic future for the communities of the region based around their inter-relationship with the special Cambrian Mountains landscape.

The CMI has 4 main themes or strands of activity. This community action planning seeks to encourage communities to develop projects that support the aims of the CMI across those 4 themes:

  • Working with farmers and producers to add value to the local produce of the mountains
  • Promoting the local environment and the ecosystems services that it provides in the form of carbon sequestration and water storage
  • Promoting the special Cambrian Mountains landscape as a unique selling point within the tourism offer of the area
  • Working with the necklace of settlements that surround the deeply rural upland area of the mountains.

Ecodyfi is the community regeneration group for the Dyfi Valley. It pays particular attention to strengthening the local economy through careful stewardship of natural and cultural resources. It is managed by a Board of 17 local people and is supported through commercial contracts or grants, e.g. from the Welsh Assembly Government, Tourism Partnership Mid Wales and local authorities.