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Ty Bro Dyfi

Y Plas,
Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8ER, UK.
phone: 01654 703965

Become a member of ecodyfi We want everybody in the Valley to join, so it only costs £1. Drop into Ty Bro Dyfi or send some stamps.

The information centre is open Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 3.00. You might even like to get involved in staffing it or in helping to run a project. Please come and see us!

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February 27

Energy Breakfasts for Ceredigion businesses



Apr 13

ecodyfi press releaseTirwedd Dyfi



Nov 30

ecodyfi press releaseWarmer homes

June 8

ecodyfi press releaseWales UNESCO Biosphere

May 14

ecodyfi press releaseOut and active in the Plas

May 5

ecodyfi press releaseMum's the word for village picnic


Sept 19

ecodyfi press releaseOut and Active at Cartref Dyfi

June 16

ecodyfi press releaseProtests at early loss of novel bus

May 29

ecodyfi press releaseActive Learning? Take a Walk in Welsh

Apr 16

ecodyfi press releaseGetting Fit? What a pain in the Assets!

Feb 22

ecodyfi press releaseSpring into action!

Feb 14

Tywyn to Aberdyfi cycling and walking path Public Consultation

Feb 1

ecodyfi press releaseGet Growing Goes Wild - in Ynyslas and Pantperthog

Jan 28

ecodyfi press releaseFree yoga for Mums-to-be!

Jan 15

Fair Trade Fortnight 25 Feb - 9 March

Jan 15

ecodyfi press releaseFirst Dyfi Biosphere grants approved

Jan 15

ecodyfi press releaseStart a walk with a kiss



Dec 14

ecodyfi press releaseGrants available through the Dyfi Biosphere

Dec 14

ecodyfi press releaseGwenno follows in Bev's footprints

Dec 5

The local bus and rail timetable and transport guide has been updated

Nov 9

Another successful Gwyl y Golau festival

Nov 2

Ecodyfi is looking for a Sustainable Living Officer

Oct 3

Speeding in Machynlleth: A Petition

Oct 2

ecodyfi press releaseInnovative village bus services in the Dyfi Valley

July 26

ecodyfi press releaseDyfi Valley to ask for new Biosphere status

July 26

ecodyfi press releaseFrom the Amazon to the Dyfi

June 28

Summary of ecodyfi 's Business Plan for 2007 / 08 [Word doc 57kB].

June 7

ecodyfi press releaseLocal student helps the Dyfi Biosphere

May 4

ecodyfi press releaseOut and About with US Mach

May 2

Waste Watchers Job Vacancy

May 1

ecodyfi press releaseDyfi Biosphere opinions needed

Mar 22

ecodyfi press releaseLunch Launches Slow Food Group

Mar 9

ecodyfi press releaseGreat news for Penegoes - our safe route is one step nearer

Mar 8

ecodyfi press releaseHow Big is your Footprint?

Mar 7

ecodyfi press releaseCommunity Strategy offers help

Feb 27

Fair Trade Guide to the Dyfi Valley and Fair Trade Fortnight events

Feb 22

ecodyfi press releaseGet Growing gets going again!

Feb 21

ecodyfi press releaseHealth project to boost activity levels in the Dyfi Valley



Nov 22

Gwyl y Golau picture gallery

Nov 17

ecodyfi press releaseEncouraging people to get out and enjoy the open air

Oct 27

ecodyfi press releaseInvesting in the Dyfi Valley

Oct 10

ecodyfi press releaseTrail blazing festival lights up the nights

Oct 2

ecodyfi press releaseThe only Biosphere Area in the country

Sept 23

Dyfi Light Fest programme

Sept 8

Using old vegetable oil as bio-diesel in Powys

Aug 31

ecodyfi press releaseMachynlleth's second community-owned wind turbine

June 26

ecodyfi press releasePlugging the leaks!

June 23

ecodyfi press releaseBro Ddyfi today - photo exhibition

June 13

ecodyfi press releaseOil and food mix at ecodyfi! (AGM invite: Thurs. 22 June)

May 16

ecodyfi press releasePlas Machynlleth: The People's Proposal

April 26

Business Eye would like to invite all potential, new and existing businesses to come and see what support we can offer. More >> [Word doc 130kB]

April 24

ecodyfi press releaseGood health not a lottery

April 18

Ecodyfi's response to the Government's Energy Review [Word doc 26kB]

Mar 20

Winter 2005-6 newsletter [PDF 270kB]

Mar 20

ecodyfi press releaseSupporting local jobs - 30 March

Mar 1

Summary of ecodyfi's Forward Plan for 2006 / 07 [Word doc 64kB]

Feb 16

Peak oil and climate change

Jan 17

ecodyfi press releaseGet Growing Growers to Grow Great Greens for another year



Dec 7

ecodyfi press releaseNew start for Plas Machynlleth

Nov 15

ecodyfi press releaseSaving energy in Dinas Mawddwy

Nov 14

ecodyfi press releaseNew start for the Plas?

Nov 10

ecodyfi press releaseYsbryd y Mwynwyr - Spirit of the Miners

Oct 31

ecodyfi press releaseLantern Festival lights up Machynlleth

Oct 21

Don't miss the Samhain celebration!

Oct 10

ecodyfi press releaseMountain Bike Trail Build Training Project creates opportunities

Oct 2

ecodyfi press releaseLocal food schemes success

Oct 2

ecodyfi press releaseSamhain lantern procession is saved

Aug 15

ecodyfi press releaseLocal businesses talking rubbish

July 22

ecodyfi press releaseAchievements and plans presented at packed Annual General Meeting.

July 21

Annual General Meeting June 16 2005 minutes [Word Doc 46kB | PDF 50kB]

July 15

ecodyfi press releaseAct now against climate change

June 28

ecodyfi press releaseBontgoch fights for its community building

June 13

ecodyfi press releaseChanging nappies changes what goes into Welsh landfill sites

June 10

ecodyfi press releaseTurbine membership on offer

June 3

ecodyfi newsletter March 2005 and annual review 2004 [PDF 450kB]

June 3

ecodyfi press releaseCome to the AGM!

May 17

ecodyfi press releaseFirst for fair trade: organic cotton

Apr 27

ecodyfi press releaseDyfi Valley Gardeners Get Growing

Apr 20

ecodyfi press releaseDyfi Active: Getting Active this Spring

Mar 21

ecodyfi press releaseNew dual-use path linking Derwenlas and Machynlleth

Mar 15

An outdoor gym with a difference

Feb 27

Fair Trade Fortnight Mar 1-13 2005

Feb 26

ecodyfi press release Dinas Mawddwy heating scheme: Public Meeting 9th March

Feb 22

ecodyfi press releaseRecord electricity production from wind co-op

Jan 27

ecodyfi press release1,100 individuals and 10 businesses in the Dyfi Valley are supporting the energetic campaign to offer producers in the developing world a better deal.

Jan 22

'Working Your Woods' Demonstration [Word Doc 400kB]

Jan 21

ecodyfi press releaseNew group seeks bus solutions

Jan 11

ecodyfi press releaseThe humble tomato could be a key to better health and saving the environment - but only if it's a Dyfi Valley organic tomato.



Dec 6

ecodyfi press releaseMr Lembit Opik MP opens the Teenzone project.

Dec 6

ecodyfi press releaseWales' first community wind turbine has won a Eurosolar UK Award

Nov 15

Dyfi Valley is awarded fair trade zone status

Nov 9

Report on community renewable energy projects [PDF file 395kB]

Oct 22

ecodyfi press releaseDyfi Valley action plan on show

Oct 15 updated Oct 29

ecodyfi press releaseNew community turbine meeting: 7.30 Tuesday 26th October

Oct 5

ecodyfi press releaseWood to heat Dinas Mawddwy? Public Meeting 13th Oct

Sept 30

ecodyfi's response to the Assembly consultation on renewable energy

Sept 30

Exhibition at Ty Bro Dyfi: linocuts by Ian Phillips of the Dyfi Valley Way

Sept 29

New car sharing website for Mid Wales

Sept 20

Fair trade coffee morning: Friday 24 September Wynnstay Hotel

Sept 15

Affordable housing report - public launch Monday 20th Sept.

Sept 11

Where can you get 'real nappies' locally?

Sept 6

Ecological business unit available

Sept 6

ecodyfi press releaseFree training offer

Sept 1

ecodyfi press releaseDyfi Valley planning in progress

August 23

Read the summary report of the Dyfi Biosphere Conference

August 11

Dyfi Trails Newsletter 1

August 2

ecodyfi press releaseRecycling is the norm in the Dyfi Valley

July 27

Compare home energy prices - what's the best deal locally for gas and electricity?

July 23

Dyfi Biosphere Reserve FAQs

July 22

ecodyfi press releaseLearning from the Dyfi Valley

July 22

ecodyfi press releaseFive families have been selected by ecodyfi to trial a variety of real nappies over the coming year.

July 15

ecodyfi press releaseDyfi Active is a new outdoor activities group that is determined to make a splash in this expanding sector of the tourism market.

July 15

ecodyfi press releaseMach Off Road Ltd announces new Dyfi Mountain Biking Trails to open Autumn 2004

July 7

ecodyfi press releaseRegeneration the Dyfi Valley way - news from the 2004 ecodyfi AGM

July 6

ecodyfi press releaseEcodyfi and Farming Connect are working to get more vegetables and hardy crops grown in the Dyfi Valley

June 26

Download the reports of the Dyfi Valley Biosphere Conference and view photographs of the conference

June 26

ecodyfi press releaseAction plan for the Dyfi Valley: Public meeings in July

June 13

ecodyfi press releaseDyfi Valley Biosphere conference a success

June 3

Dyfi Valley Fair Trade Campaign Minutes 27.05.04

May 26

Communities First Spring 2004 Newsletter

Machynlleth Mediaeval Day photograph album

May 25

ecodyfi press releaseInternational experts and local people will be examining the potential benefits of a unique United Nations honour at a conference in Machynlleth this June.

May 20

Public meeting: "Jobs from the environment - the future of the Dyfi valley" How can we benefit from our UN designation?
7.00 p.m. Wednesday 9th June 2004 in the Tabernacl, Machynlleth.
Simultaneous translation provided.

May 14

Dyfi Valley Fair Trade Campaign Minutes 25.03.04: Next meeting 27 May.

May 14

Quarry café and shop win Local Food awards

May 14

Report on ecodyfi's composting project published [Word doc: 39kB]

May 14

Listen to a programme on the work of ecodyfi on Radio Wales [To listen you will need to have a programme called RealPlayer installed on your computer. If you don't have it download it for free here -]

May 14

Dyfi Biosphere Conference: Wed. 9 - Fri. 11 June

May 14

Dyfi Active - a new section of the web site for visitors to the area who are looking for action as well as activity providers and activity friendly£accommodation.

May 13

Join ecodyfi's real nappy trial and save money

May 10

On the 1st September 2004 the Machynlleth exchange is due to be enabled for broadband - for Corris it's 28 July

May 7

New recycling depot for Machynlleth and Dyfi Valley

Apr 8

ecodyfi press releaseAre you interested in helping to create your own job? Invitation: 21st April

Apr 4

ecodyfi press releaseCeinws wants housing and play space for local people

Apr 2

ecodyfi press releaseInternet prize within our grasp!

Mar 25

Local women can train as 'breastfeeding supporters' - launch event May 11.

Mar 14

During Fair Trade Fortnight members of the Dyfi Valley for Fair Trade Group collected over 1,100 pledges to buy fair trade products on a regular basis from the 12,500 people of the Dyfi Valley.

Mar 9

ecodyfi press releaseResidents of Ceinws and Esgairgeiliog are responding enthusiastically to the idea that the forestry camp in the village could be used to meet local needs. A meeting is to be held on March 17.

Mar 5

ecodyfi press releaseA new service, consisting of 'business surgeries' on selected Wednesdays, is to be launched at a pair of Business Information Events in Machynlleth.

Mar 1

ecodyfi press releaseEuropean grant funds Machynlleth community currency system introduced by Elemental Earth

Mar 1

ecodyfi press releaseAberystwyth students make plans for Machynlleth's tourism future

Mar 1

low energy light bulbLow Energy Light Bulb Giveaway at ecodyfi; Wednesday 3 March 10 - 4.
Come and pick up a free low energy bulb (1 per household) in exchange for filling out a questionnaire.
The Energy Efficiency Advice Centre will then send you an Energy Saving Report on your property giving recommendations on how to reduce your energy bills.
We will also help you to access energy saving grants that you may be entitled to.

Feb 25

ecodyfi press releaseCeinws camp consultation begins

Feb 13

ecodyfi press releaseEcodyfi is teaming up with Farming Connect to help Dyfi Valley farmers interested in horticulture

Feb 13

Communities First February 2004 Newsletter

Feb 13

ecodyfi press releaseSustainable tourism project in Cornwall seeks inspiration from the Dyfi Valley

Feb 4

Become a volunteer with ecodyfi!

Feb 4

Enter our Logo Competition and win a Playstation 2. We want you to design the logo to go on all our broadband leaflets. The closing date is February 29th 2004.

Feb 2

Community forum focuses on housing

Jan 21

ecodyfi press releaseKerbside recycling collections reach Machynlleth and surrounding area

Jan 21

Constitution, news of forthcoming events and contacts list added to the fair trade section

Jan 21

Read the January 2004 ecodyfi newsletter

Jan 20

ecodyfi press releaseCeinws Forestry Camp consultation



Dec 5

Pentre Bach Holiday Cottages scoops Sustainable Tourism Award

Nov 28

Fair trade: meeting minutes 13.11.03

Nov 28

Young People's Live Music Gig from Communities First -18 Dec - Kentucky AFC + more!

Nov 19

Read the first Bro Ddyfi community renewables newsletter

Nov 19

Read the first Broadband Project newsletter

Nov 19

ecodyfi press releaseThe next opportunity for people living in the Powys part of the Dyfi valley to influence the way services are delivered is on December 17th 2003. Transport is on the agenda. Read more >>

Nov 14

Free training from Communities First: an opportunity to receive free training through helping with the Communities First Bro Ddyfi Participatory Appraisal.

Nov 14

Communities First Autumn newsletter

Oct 21

Communities First Ideas Book published on the ecodyfi web site.

Oct 20

ecodyfi press release

New Dyfi Valley Transport Guide published

Sept 25

News of the Community Strategy and the next meetings of the Fora on Community Safety, Lifelong Learning and the Environment

Sept 24

Wood fuel Production & Marketing Event: An Opportunity For Your Business. 10th October 2003, Lake Vyrnwy, Powys. Read more >> [PDF file 292kB]

Sept 19

Read the September 2003 ecodyfi Newsletter

Sept 17

Business Women's Support Evening on Tuesday 23 September 2003 at Celtica, Machynlleth. Read more >>

Sept 5

ecodyfi press releaseA new campaign group is calling on Machynlleth residents and businesses to join the push for Broadband, Read more >>

Sept 3

Managing Water & Wetlands through Woodland Expansion and Restoration, Seminar. Celtica, 11th September. Download a pdf form [155kB].

Sept 2

ecodyfi press releaseBusiness opportunity? Would you like to be involved in establishing a commercial laundry serving the Dyfi valley? Read more >>

Aug 29

ecodyfi press releaseCeulanamaesmawr Community Council and ecodyfi have released the provisional results of a job creation study for Talybont. Read more >>

Aug 27

Read the Communities First Summer Newsletter!

July 30

The Dyfi valley has been recognised at a European level for helping the local community to use clean home-grown sources of energy. Read more >>

July 27

Capture Wales workshops: a fantastic opportunity for people to make their own digital stories. Read more >>

July 24

MB Britain raves about Mountain Biking the Dyfi Valley: read their recent article >>

June 23

ecodyfi press releasePartnerships and projects in the Dyfi valley - AGM report and a look back on the last year. Read more >>

May 14

ecodyfi press releaseAn enterprising Mallwyd farmer is receiving visits from people interested in making electricity from water power. Read more >>

April 17

ecodyfi press releaseTourism Growth Area project strengthens the local economy Read more >>

April 7

ecodyfi press releaseOn Saturday April 5th Cynog Dafis switched on the UK's first community-developed wind turbine. Read more >>

March 29

Cynog to open first community wind turbine.

March 24

ecodyfi press releaseWhere & how to reduce re-use recycle in the Dyfi Valley: information for householders

March 21

Make the Dyfi Valley a Fair Trade valley - petition from local children


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