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Contact details

Ty Bro Dyfi

Y Plas,
Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8ER, UK.
phone: 01654 703965

Become a member of ecodyfi We want everybody in the Valley to join, so it only costs £1. Drop into Ty Bro Dyfi or send some stamps.

The information centre is open Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 3.00. You might even like to get involved in staffing it or in helping to run a project. Please come and see us!

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We have not yet been able to create a glossary of sustainable development terms, and so we are linking you to an external site:

The Encyclopedia of Sustainable Development has been written by the Atmosphere, Climate & Environment Information Progamme, and is supported by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. The Encyclopedia is a one-stop source of information on sustainable development.

We are currently making enquires about a Welsh language glossary: if you know of one or would be interested in collaborating to create one, please contact us.

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