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The name of the group shall be the Dyfi Valley for Fair Trade


  • To promote the concept of Fair Trade

  • To raise awareness of the Fair Trade Mark

  • To achieve Fair Trade Zone status as detailed in - and extended from - the Fair Trade Foundation's Fair Trade Town Goals and Action Pack and other materials for the Dyfi Valley area.


Members will be all those who have a commitment to promoting the objectives of the Dyfi Valley for Fair Trade.

All members will have the right to be involved with all decision-making and have voting rights.


Finance will be raised through activities, donations and seeking contributions from sympathetic organisations.

A statement of income and expenditure will be prepared annually (January) and presented for approval to the members' meeting.

Meetings, web site and officers

Meetings will be as decided by the membership with at least four per year.

Officers will be a Treasurer (to look after finances) and a Secretary (to arrange and minute the 3 meetings, provide resources, and promote communication between members, to help with media coverage).

The chair shall rotate.


On dissolution of the group any assets remaining after all debts and liabilities have been discharged shall not be distributed among the members but shall be handed to the FairTrade Foundation, Suite 204, 16 Baldwin's Gardens, London, EC1N 7RJ, to be administered in a manner which is exclusively charitable at law.



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