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Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8ER, UK.
phone: 01654 703965

Become a member of ecodyfi We want everybody in the Valley to join, so it only costs £1. Drop into Ty Bro Dyfi or send some stamps.

The information centre is open Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 3.00. You might even like to get involved in staffing it or in helping to run a project. Please come and see us!

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Grants and advice

The Welsh Assembly Government’s Community Scale Renewable Energy Generation Programme "Ynni'r Fro" uses European Structural Funds to provide advice and grants to support the development of community-sized renewable energy schemes, through the Energy Saving Trust.

The programme aims to promote sustainable business growth and new business opportunities by enabling the establishment or further development of social enterprises based on community scale renewable energy installations.

This support is available to social enterprises across Wales and consists of three different elements:

  1. A network of locally-based technical development officers, including ecodyfi staff.
  2. Grant funding towards feasibility studies and other preparatory costs.
  3. Grants of up to £300,000 towards the capital costs of a renewable energy project.

You can enter the programme by completing an expression of interest form and emailing it to

DTI's Low Carbon Buildings Programme (LCBP), funded by the government, provides grants for microgeneration technologies to householders, community organisations, schools, the public and not for profit sector and private businesses.

Microgeneration is the stand-alone generation of low carbon heat and/or electricity which could be through solar photovoltaics, wind power, or heat pumps for example.

Grants totalling £10.5 million will be available to householders and community organisations for microgeneration technology.

A further £18 million will be made available to public, not for profit and private sector organisations for medium and large scale microgeneration projects.

CAT logoThe Centre for Alternative Technology offers information, courses, advice and publications on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

REAL Cymru Renewable Energy Advice Line phone line: 0845 330 4940

Switch to renewable electricity for your home or workplace - it's easy and cost-effective.


More information

Bro Ddyfi Community Renewables

Community renewables

Reports on local and community ownership of wind projects: 2001 [Word doc: 96kB]; and 2004 [Word doc: 260kB], and an article on the social aspects of community wind power.

Lessons learned on community consultation from the community wind farm project at Awel amen Tawe in South Wales: summary page and PDF [file size 1.1MB]

Wood as a fuel

Report: Using Wood as a Fuel: web page [150kB] or Word document [5.9Mb].

Report: The Silviculture, Nutrition & Economics of Short Rotation Willow Coppice in the Uplands of Mid-Wales [PDF 141kB]

Other links

Page of Scottish Assembly reports and resources on community renewable energy projects for most technologies

Interactive map of UK renewable energy locations

Community Renewable Energy Services

Highlands and Islands Community Energy Company

Community Renewables Initiative:

Siôn Thomas, farmer, and Carno wind farm. Once operational Amgeni will provide vital funding for Windfall - the Mid Wales Community Energy Trust, which is managed by Mid Wales Energy Agency. Windfall collects a proportion of the revenue from green energy generation projects in Mid Wales and redistributes it among local communities. The money is offered as grants for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to communities, householders, farmers, schools and businesses.

A list of ecodyfi's renewable energy projects

Other renewable energy links


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