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Old chip oil could be powering Powys' buses!


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Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8ER, UK.
phone: 01654 703965

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In the energy section

Ecodyfi has helped produce a study on the potential for bio-diesel from used vegetable oil in Powys.

Its main conclusion is that there is a clear need for Powys-based local distribution of bio-diesel.

It calls for more Government support for bio-diesel production and distribution, and urgent action to prevent this valuable resource - used vegetable oil (UVO) - from leaving the county, as it presently does.

It argues that the best way to use the fuel is to power the county's buses and some lorry and public sector fleets with a 5% mix of locally produced UVO biodiesel. It should also be available to keen private car owners. 62- 82% of diesel car owners say they would like to switch away from fossil diesel.

The study The Potential for Bio-Diesel Fuels in Powys 2005 - 2006 can be downloaded here [PDF 1MB]. [Download Acrobat Reader for free to read this file.]

Ecodyfi worked with the Mid-Wales Energy Agency to discover who the vegetable oil suppliers and users are in the area, what the technical issues are, and who does or might in the future collect, produce and use bio-diesel in their vehicles.

The project was funded by Europe through Powys LEADER + group GLASU.

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