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Open Day and launch of the Bro Ddyfi 'Ideas Book'

The Open Day held at Ty Bro Ddyfi, on 2nd July, whist not going quite to plan, was still a great success that received very good press coverage.

On a lovely summery market day, people were not very keen to come in out of the sun, so we adapted by moving a table to just outside the door, together with some light refreshments and leaflets on both the main Communities First programme, as well as the Trust Fund. There we also an informative display board and the 'Ideas Book'.

The bilingual 'Ideas book' that was launched that morning, containing every single idea, view and suggestion received to date, from you, the local people, saying what you feel is required to improve upon your quality of life, and for the sustainable regeneration of the Dyfi Valley, has been made a public document to provoke further comment.

Members of the Steering Group and the Facilitator were at hand to answer any questions and provide further information for the eighty- plus people of all ages, backgrounds and gender, who visited us during the day. This resulted in a further fifty-seven ideas being written in the book, and whilst some of these will be a duplication of those previously received, all new views, suggestions and ideas received will be included in the book when it is up-dated as an on-going process.

Ann Williams discussing the 'Ideas Book' during the Open DayPhotograph: Ann Williams, a member of the Steering Group, discussing the 'Ideas Book' with members of the community during the recent Open Day.

The Bro Ddyfi Communities First 'Ideas Book' is available to look at, and add any comments or additional suggestions and ideas at the following locations throughout the Powys area of the Dyfi Valley:

  • Ty Bro Ddyfi, 52 Maengwyn Street, Machynlleth

  • Bro Ddyfi Leisure Centre

  • Machynlleth Library

  • Machynlleth Care Centre

  • Machynlleth Health Centre

  • Machynlleth Council Offices

  • Llanbrynmair Post Office

  • Commins Coch Post Office

  • Cemmaes Road Post Office

  • Glantwymyn Health Centre

  • Cwmllinau Post Office

  • Derwenlas Village Hall

  • Aberhosan Village Hall

  • Ceinws Shop

There will be regular updating of this book, so please feel free to put forward more of your ideas, views and suggestions. It is NOT an Action Plan, but will obviously be a useful tool to assist the Facilitator and Steering Group as they work towards forming an Action Plan for the Dyfi Valley.

Whilst this is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to have YOUR SAY on YOUR FUTURE, this of course is also true for the community as a whole, so please encourage your family, friends and neighbours to also bring forward their ideas, and to participate in any way possible.

Anyone is welcome to contact the Communities First office for a chat on any aspect of this process

Theme group meetings and further involvement

Several meetings have been held, providing considerable information to the Communities First process.

These include open meetings on 'Housing and Planning' at Glantwymyn, and 'The Economy and Employment' at Llanbrynmair, with both being 'Local Forum' meetings, also acting as Communities First theme groups, in order to avoid unnecessary duplication.

The Local Forum, chaired by Andy Rowland of ecodyfi, who is also a member of the Communities First Steering Group, will shortly be arranging further meetings that will again feed back information to both processes. Information on these meetings will be available when dates and topics are confirmed.

Other groups that have met include Transport, Broadband, Health and Well being including the Elderly and Childcare, whilst a 'Young People's Group' meeting is to be held at the Care Centre, Machynlleth, on the 18th September at 6.30 pm.

Some, if not all, of these groups will continue to meet as part of an important and on-going process, so please do let us know if you wish to become involved with any of these or if you have another particular field of interest that you feel we should form a group or call a discussion meeting on.

Cyril welcomes the opportunity to listen to anybody's views, suggestions and ideas regarding the future of the Dyfi Valley, as probably for the first time, you, yourselves, now have a real opportunity to have your say in the future of this beautiful valley of ours.

If you would like to find out more about Communities First then drop in for a chat, or if you would like Cyril to address your group or organisation, then please contact the office to arrange.

Trust fund

There has been considerable interest and use made of the 'Communities First Trust Fund', that is a small grants scheme targeted at supporting activities that provide economic, environmental, social or cultural benefit for people. This is available to not-for-profit groups who are working in, and involving people from Communities First areas.

The Steering Group has decided that it will not support any applications over £5,000, so that more people are able to benefit from smaller grants. This should also lead to quicker decision making, as all applications under £5,000 are decided upon at Cardiff, within thirty days.

Successful applications to date, have been made by the 'Mach Live' Club, Elemental Earth, Teenzone, Cwmllinau Village Hall, Equilibre, Machynlleth Community Children's Project, and the district 'Joan & Darby project' (formerly Darby & Joan - applied for by CAMAD).

Applications now being considered include: Cylch Meithrin Ti a Fi (Glantwymyn), Côr Gore Glas (Choir), Aberhosan Village Hall, Fideo I Bawb, Clwb Crewi, Glyndr Festival, and Cemmaes Jubilee Hall.

The funding applications cover such diverse projects as, minor improvements to, and feasibility studies on village halls, musical activity and other cultural events, youth projects, video in the community, help to enable an established community group to continue, as well as groups concerned with childcare and language, and even a marquee to provide a village with an entertainment and social activity venue.

Participatory Appraisal

As the Dyfi Valley has been chosen as a pilot area for a Participatory Appraisal by the Communities First Support Network, there will be an opportunity for a few keen volunteers to be trained by experienced consultants and to work alongside the facilitator and possibly some members of the Steering Group, in carrying out this very important consultation exercise.

If you have an interest as well as the commitment and time to help us with this, and live in the Dyfi

Valley, then please contact the Communities First office as soon as possible for more details.

Interest would be especially welcome from people living in Llanbrynmair, and the Bryn-y-Gog area of Machynlleth.

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