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Communities First Christmas Special!


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Young People's Live Music Gig

Kentucky AFC


Kentucky AFC, Little Miss Mental, Acid Reign + juice bar


18th December 2003, 7.30-11.00pm


Machynlleth Community Centre


in response to feedback from young people to raise awareness of the youth forum to promote what young people can do to have their say to make things happen!

Cymunedau yn GyntafCommunities First is putting on a live music event for the end of term.

This is in response to feedback from young people of Ysgol Bro Ddyfi, who were asked the question in 2003, "If you had between £100 and £1,000, what would you do that would improve life for young people in the Dyfi Valley?"

Of their responses, over 50% polled asked for some form of local live music event.

The gig will be held in the Community Hall, Machynlleth on 18th December, from 7.30-11.00pm. Tickets are £3.00 on the door.

It will be an exciting opportunity to see up-and-coming band Kentucky AFC (see photo), Little Miss Mental, a popular local band with a strong following and local band, Acid Reign, who will be making their public debut! All young people in the area are encouraged to come along and enjoy the event.

Kentucky AFC

Adam Walton, Radio Wales: "Most of the best records that have been made this year£have been pop records£My top two are still Kentucky AFC's deuce of brilliant singles this year, Bodlon and Outlaw."

A Juice Bar, staffed by young people, will provide refreshments. Stewards from the community will be present throughout the night and it will be an alcohol-free event.

This will also be an opportunity to talk with young people and find out from them what their needs are and how they see the Dyfi Valley developing - what they would like to see happen. This information will then feed into the Communities First strategy for the area.

Youth Forum

It will also be an opportunity to develop the local Youth Forum, consisting of young people representing the area, who would be consulted on local decision making by the council. All aspects of community life have an impact on young people, who are concerned about a large number of issues - access to a safe place to play and socialise, access to affordable housing and the prospect of relevant training and jobs.

Information about the gig: Blanche Cameron (01654) 781350

Information about Communities First: Cyril Evans

The event has been sponsored by Cymunedau yn Gyntaf/Communities First, Noson Allan/Night Out, Ffatri Fenter and Menter Maldwyn.

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